In Which I Miss the Dust and Mention Some Stuff I've Been Doing

So, I’ve been home from Burning Man and the USA for over a month now but until now I haven’t gotten around to moving the Gone to Burning Man post from the top of my blog. I suspect this is probably because I’d still like to be at Burning Man.

Anyway, since getting back a few notable events have occurred.

  • My parents have come over to stay for a couple of months :-D
  • I went to Tambellup as part of the John Curtin Weekend of volunteering.
  • We’ve been to Melbourne for a week, where I graduated from my Masters degree.
  • I went to the weekend CampOut with a bunch of people from the Perth fire crew.
  • I have finally made the switch to Mac OS X with a shiny new aluminium MacBook.
  • I’ve started doing an online course to upgrade my radio license to the Advanced level.
  • Watched the Red Bull Air Race yesterday afternoon.

I think those are the events of importance that have occurred in the last month or two. Hopefully I will get back to more regular posting now that I have shifted the Gone to BM image from the top of the blog.